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K-817 on OpenSea!

По-русски – ниже:

Back in 1995 it took me three nights to write a short story about the adventures of a computer Virus code-named K-817. In this story a stylish, smart and cunning Virus gets into an IBM PC and manages to do a lot of stuff on its way.

Its mission almost finishes successfully, the only thing is the encounter with its declared enemy – the Antivirus (after this encounter the Virus K-817 just stops existing). You can read about it by clicking on this link.

Some system time later I wrote the continuation of adventures of the brave Virus (this time it already had the number of K-818). This Virus is avenging the death of the previous version and is trying to destroy the Command Processor again, but it encounters an Antivirus again (this time it’s a new one, but it’s also deadly).

As before – you can read it here!

However it’s not the end of the story.